Room 8 teacher

Kia ora,


My name is Lou de Lange and I teach year 5’s in the lovely and fabulous Room 8!


I was a student teacher at Kilbirnie School during my teaching studies in 2017 and I am over the moon to now be working at this AMAZING school as a full-time teacher. I love how supportive and kind the teachers, parents and students are.


I enjoy teaching year 5 as they have so many exciting interests and emerging passions that they can bring into the classroom and use across many subjects. My favourite subjects at school were history, classical studies and soft materials technology.


The school production was a highlight for me last year. I loved seeing all the students practise and commit themselves 100% to their performances and it was incredible to see so much support and encouragement flowing around the school. I love dance so it was a great opportunity for me to work with groups to choreograph some beautiful dances.


Outside of teaching, I love singing, designing/baking cakes, running, and traveling to new countries. I just spent my summer break exploring New York City!


If you would like to contact me, my email address is