Information for New Entrants

Once you have completed a pre-enrolment form and we are aware that you intend to enrol your child at Kilbirnie School, we will provide a number of opportunities for you and your child to get to know our school better.  We will contact you to arrange these visits.

  • Parents information meeting

At this meeting for parents of children who will be joining us during the year, we discuss the way that the new entrants class is set up, and the way that the school is organised, provide information on pre school visits, and discuss the requirements for starting school.

  • Reading afternoon

For parents of children about to join or recently joined, this is an opportunity to learn about how we teach reading at Kilbirnie School, and strategies to encourage independent readers. This will enable you to help your child with reading at home.

  • School visits

Three weeks before your child starts school, he/she can begin Friday morning visits to the new entrants classroom. 

Your child will join the class from 9.00am to 10.20am, and during this time will be buddied up with another child in the class. Parents are invited to stay and observe during the first visit but we ask that you leave your child for the remaining two visits, so that they can begin to socialise with their class mates.