Room 4 teacher


My name is Kay Mudge and I teach Year 1 and 2 children in the Ngake Hub.

I enjoy this level, as there is so much growing up and learning that happens during these years at school. The children tend to become much more independent and confident. They have a high degree of enthusiasm for learning, which is wonderful to see and work with.  I focus on developing a sense of responsibility and independence.

I have been at Kilbirnie School since 2008 having previously taught for over 12 years in a two-teacher school and a shorter time in several other schools.

My husband and I have three grown up children and six wonderful grandchildren. My family is the most important thing in the world to me. I love being a grandma, which takes up much of my out of school time. In 2013, I acquired another member to my family - my Alfie is a black poodle x tibetian terrier x maltese. A very spoilt,  much loved pet who has has added another dimension to our lives. He thinks he's the BOSS! The children get to know Alfie as much of my writing modelling is about him. 
My email address is or you can contact me via the school office on (04) 939 2311.