Our students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports and physical activities during their six years at Kilbirnie School, either during school time or playing for teams in after school leagues. These include football, floorball, tennis, rugby, badminton, cricket, mini polo, miniball and touch rugby.

Each class also attends sessions at Akau Tangi Sports Centre where the children learn gymnastics skills and a wide range of other sports such as pickleball and ultimate frisbee.

The school pool is used during the summer months for swimming lessons for children in Years 0-3 and for recreational swims for the older children. Those in Years 4-6 attend lessons at WRAC.

We also run annual athletics, cross country and swimming competitions. Those in Years 4-6 are able to progress onto Eastern Zone events if they do well.

Classes take part in daily fitness. We encourage all students to participate in physical activity and sport to the best of their ability and to show good sportsmanship.